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The supply chain is made up of several aspects such as the following:

  • procurement
  • sourcing raw materials
  • manufacturing
  • productions
  • shipping, receiving, storing, and fulfilling
  • managing reverse logistics (returns and exchanges)

The goal of a supply chain is to become as efficient and operate smoothly. If the supply chain runs smoothly and you have the right suppliers while providing customer satisfaction, you have an edge compared to others. 

Since the pandemic started, businesses have been affected and suffering from the setback caused by the COVID-19 virus. Today, the supply chains have started picking up the pieces and adjusting to the changes even with the disruptions. 

Here are some of the predictions for supply chain and logistics in 2022. 

Increased automation
One would think that self-driving vehicles and robots are from sci-fi movies. Now, they are within reach of many organizations that run warehouses and logistics. It is expected that by 2022 and onwards, autonomous vehicles and equipment will be the trend in the supply chain industry. 

Equipment-wise, we already see automation in storage and retrieval, self-driven trucks, and automated delivery. Having robots do repetitive tasks can benefit, increase human safety, and let human workers do more critical tasks that robots cannot perform.  

Cloud Technology
While cloud technology is not new in supply chain management, it's become more popular, and we will continue to see its increased popularity by 2022. The pandemic has seen a surge in data consumption and the improvement of AI. Since the cost of cloud technology is becoming more affordable, more companies, especially the smaller ones, can start to afford it.

e-Commerce is here to stay. Inventory management is an important aspect, but logistics and supply chains must also consider a faster connection to customers through e-commerce tools. 

Less shopping congestion
There should be a foreseeable decrease in shipping congestion because of increased capacity. There might be an increase in the shipping cost, but the capacity will increase as demand for container ships increases.

Increased integration of the supply chain 
The pandemic has made organizations realize that the supply chain process is not simply fulfilling an order. The process that goes along with the supply chain, such as data and information exchanged, can be used by the company for its benefit, including demand forecasting to schedule posting or marketing promotions. 

Possible supply chain management disruptions
There will always be obstacles along the way that you need to deal with at the soonest possible time. Here are some of the common problems that you might encounter. 

Lead times that take too long
When lead times are longer, this means that if there are further delays, you will not profit from it, only your supplier and the shipper. The longer the delay, the riskier it gets for your shipment. 

Increasing complexity
Supply chain management can become more complex moving forward. This complexity is why you need an inventory specialist who can handle and keep up with the ongoing changes.

Blue Chip Inventory Service International has over 48 years of experience in the inventory business. Regardless of your inventory needs, Blue Chip Inventory Service International can provide a solution that's best for you. 





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