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The supply chain is a vital part of many businesses. It is key to the success of a company and customer satisfaction. It is an elaborate process that can reduce costs, and make a business more efficient. While machine learning and AI can improve the forecasts and demands, forecasting and delivery are important and this is where supply chain management is important in any industry. The main idea is to increase the profit, and lower expenses. 

How is the supply chain important in a business?

Reduce operational costs

Retailers count on supply chains for faster and timely product delivery so they do not have to keep inventories for a longer period of time. Having inventories on the shelves for a long time means that your capital is stuck there. So fast and efficient supply chain can help a lot.  

From the manufacturer's part, they also rely on the supply chain so that they can get the materials on time to avoid production from getting delayed. So one fault in the chain will have a domino effect. 

Both the manufactures and retailers count on supply chain managers to enable a network that can meet client goals with the least cost. When the supply chain is highly efficient, a company is more competitive. 

Improving business finances

Companies value what the supply chain and inventory managers do because they can help in reducing the cost in the chain. This means a firm's profits can be increased with every penny saved. 

Supply chain managers can also help in decreasing fixed assets. Instead of working with 10 warehouses, supply managers can downsize it to 5. The same goes for cash flow improvement. Supply managers can make the entire process from manufacturer to buyer shorter, and increase the cash flow. 

Improve customer service and satisfaction

Clients expect that the products are correctly segregated and their orders are fulfilled. They expect that the proper services are given and if you are a spare parts store, then you should have the needed items or parts. You also need to deliver within a reasonable time frame, or even earlier, especially during peak season. Having the right after-sales support is also something that customers expect from businesses. 

Inventory in supply chain 

Managing inventory is important in any company so that you do not stock a lot. Simply stock enough to meet the demands and not run out. Balancing and predicting the trends of buyers can be tricky because it will depend on trends and preferences. However, you can reach the right balance once you know to plan, and manage inventory.

How supply chain affects everybody

Everybody depends on supply chains to acquire basic necessities. A break in the chain can threaten human life. 

The supply chain also generates job openings for supply chain professionals and experts in managing different aspects of the supply chain. This job creation can improve the quality of life, and improve a person's standard of living. As an overall result, those countries that have a good supply chain can exchange goods and services faster and cheaper. This can make the economy grow.  





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